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LEAD TO SERVE AND SERVE TO LEAD, Leading Well in Turbulent Times, is written for leaders at all levels to equip them with the skills needed to succeed in today’s challenging world. The authors are practitioners who offer a book that combines leadership characteristics with real-life experiences to equip anyone who desires to serve others well as their leader. The book is clearly formatted with the “bottom-line up front” and leads off each chapter with the key points. The authors begin by stressing the importance of character and the necessity of a true moral compass as the foundation for any good and enduring leader. It discusses building trust through effective communication and understanding organizational culture and the impact it has on how you lead. The book then digs into how to build teams, or lead the team you have, along with creating a vision and bringing it to reality.

A key topic this book addresses is how to lead during a crisis where the leader is completely exposed and on the line. Other critical skills such as developing new leaders, setting expectations, giving effective feedback, and writing evaluations are explained in LEAD TO SERVE using examples from the authors’ experiences. The authors end the book by explaining why it is so important for a leader to know when an organization is reaching peak performance and what must be done to keep that performance from degrading when the environment in which you operate has changed. The lessons in the book are written on the background of the societal turbulence in which we live so the leader understands that it must be factored into the exercise of leadership.

This book is a guide based upon the leadership lessons of the authors and other notable leaders. If you are currently a leader or you aspire to become a leader in the military, business, or a volunteer organization, LEAD TO SERVE and SERVE TO LEAD, Leading Well in Turbulent Times is a must-read and comes with strong endorsements from nationally recognized leaders.

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LEAD TO SERVE AND SERVE TO LEAD, Leading Well in Turbulent Times, is now available as an audiobook, available for sale at www.audible.com.


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Our Lead to Serve and Serve to Lead: Leading Well in Turbulent Times Study Guide was written as a companion piece to help our readers think more clearly about points made throughout the book. The logical and simple format of the book allows readers to further use the book as a reference guide once they have finished reading it. This study guide summarizes the main points of each chapter in Lead to Serve and Serve to Lead: Leading Well in Turbulent Times and offers questions designed to help you understand those points. The study guide will help readers in a group, business training course or an individual, use Lead to Serve and Serve to Lead: Leading Well in Turbulent Times, as a reference to promote the growth of leadership skills. We view this as “sharpening your leadership knife” and hope you find it as useful as its intent.

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